Tuesday, 30 September 2008

My Journey to Bermondsey - Chambers Wharf

Walking on the deserted Road
I felt as though I was lost amongst everyone
I can hear people screaming and shouting
but yet I felt distress

I stand by the river
looking at the breeze swift by
Waves slowly merging one and another
The feeling was like someone catching a breath of free air

Steadily my mind was focused on the sky
the warmth and gentleness felt pleasant
I can hear pebbles getting blown on to the shore
and the sound of seagulls chirping above my head.

As I carried on walking along the river bank
The feeling started to disappear
just like how the pebbles got washed away by the river
I can hear the devastating sound of people crying to one and another
Everything became dead and destructed
Where was the warmth feeling I had before?

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