Sunday, 28 September 2008

V+A Evaluation =)

In this evaluation, i would be reviewing about my experience in Victoria and Albert Museum.
I and the creative&media group from Southwark College& a another college had an introduction based on "Creative&Media". And how it affects all us, we had a discussion about why creative media is used around us and we also had to brainstorm the word "Capture" because it part of our unit. We also discussed as a group what objects to keep on the V&A Museum and why is it relevant to keep from the war times to now.(21st century).
We managed to get a tour around the 21st century section and got a talk from the Cureator who was the one who collected the items to grab the truth for us to see the changes from the War times - 21st century.
He spoke to us about objects was used alot in war times and how it changed since.We managed to get some infomration, and walked around the section to do some capturing.

The method i used for capturing was taking pictur
es & doing rough sketches. We was told to choose 3 objects we like and why it should stay for display in the 21st century section. We then went back to the discussion room and was told to be in groups and brainstorm our ideas from what we have captured. And had to pick 3 in general.We was also told to choose 3 things that we dont like and why it aint relevant.

After making our decisions we was told to pick 3 things that we liked/kept since childhood and present our discussion to the creative&media group. We all presented our brainstorms and was told to go into pairs and walk around the museum to do more "Capturing".

Here is 6 examples i done of capturing that i chose for my 3 objects ; Sketching and Photography

Here is some drawings i done when i walked around the museum to do some capturing, i went to the "China" section because i believe some paintings/objects are really inspiring to look at and its ancient.

Role of Museum Curator - Gareth Williams - Curator of C20th Furniture
Gareth Williams, Deputy Curator specialising in 20th century and contemporary design, Furniture, Textiles and Dress Department, V&A, talks on the Ekco AD-65 Bakelite radio designed by Wells Coates in 1932 and other designs form the 1930s.

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