Tuesday, 11 November 2008

What is Marketing - 4th November

Last tuesday, i and the creative media class attended a marketing event in Southwark townhall. We participated with the marketing team and tried to contribute in class. In general, i thought it was boring, i wasnt really inspired or interested with the whole marketing unit. The presentation from the beginning made me felt lost. I was confused from the start, i didnt understand the lady that was presenting the powerpoint because of her "formal talk, accent and also bad presentational skills." Whats more suprising is that they pick us to answer questions we dont understand and they even picked me first -.-" I then felt i was part of the team when we had to do pratical work and how to organise events. - And to be creative. but overall, it was really boring, some of the words they use is to hard to understand. and towards the end, i understand abit of the marketing but not alot

- I enjoyed the food :)

- Inny x

Planning for Installation

6 thinking hats to show how people think in different ways
Green Hat - creative ideas
Red Hat - Emotions / feelings
Black Hat - Negative
White Hat - Facts
Blue Hat - Summarising
Yellow - Positive

InStallation -

LOCATION - Library Classroom Theatre Outside
Library - ( green hat) Not good to use in the library because of the cramp space (black hat)
Theatre because its all one room everyone wont need to do much walkin - ( green hat ) - Lunchtime - We will give them food and refreshments ( Yellow hat) -Not going to give up lunch time to look at our installation if we give out free food then people would focus more on the food then the installation (black hats) -People might feel that they wont be boverd to turn up (Red hat) - Combine different ideas together (Blue hat) people would give up lunch to turn up to see it because some people from the past did ( white hat)

Classroom - We can have timelines in each of the rooms then be in pairs to do the installation in one room ( green hat) - People would get confused on where they are going and people would hate walking around to long ( Black hat) - the people whos going to look at our installation might want to have their own map and follow the directions on where to go in each classroom ( white)
Music room - ( white hat) The room would be to small to do the whole installation - (Black hat)

Time taken place ;
Lunchtime( green hat) - Not much people going to turn up, only some because of the food.(black hat)
After school( green hat) - its easier for everyone so no one misses their lessons,(yellow hat) people might feel tired and dont want to turn up.(red hat) In this time of the year the season is cold because its winter especially, people wont turn up because of the weather, and some people live far aswell.(black hat) Alot of people from the past have turned up because some parents are interested in their childs work.(white hat)