Friday, 3 October 2008

Evaluation on Tate Modern 16/9/08

The day we went to Tate Modern was my 2nd day of enrolling to college, we had to go to Tate because we was told to investigate some videos and do some installation work. By that i mean, watching videos and to experiment with them e.g. The expressions of ideas, narratives stories feelings what they trying to tell us.

We then was told to watch at least 3 videos in Tate Modern and answer the following questions :
-How does this make me feel and what about it makes me feel this way?
-How is the way the piece constructed and presented different from usual video and film - if at all?
-How does this change the way i experience and understand the work?
-How does this change the way an audience interacts with the work?
-How long was the work? What ar
e the implications of this?
-Is the work silent or accompanied by voice/sound/music? What are the implications of this?
-What emotions /ideas do i imagine the artist is trying to convey through the work?

I decided to watch the Paul McCarthy - Material Gestures & Dan Graham's - Two Correlated Rotations, we then had to discuss the videos we've seen to the group and talk about our own opinion to the videos.

Dan Grahams - Two Correlated Rotation -
This piece is a one minute clip of 2 people using a camera filming and running around the street. It
is constructed and presented in a old city where 2 people are filming each other in different scenes. The work is accompanied by sound movement, but when the tape runs it makes it look old fashioned.
Some clips and scenes was fast forward therefore, it makes the audience feel confused. When i watched the clip again, i realized that
both the cameras was pointing to the audience, when technically they are both filming each other and rotating around.

aul McCarthy's - Material Gestures -
When i first saw Paul's piece of work, the first thing that struck me was "Sexual disturbance" . There was 3 clips of him in different scenes doing sexual harassment to himself. One clip showed he was wearing a monkey mask and danced around naked, rubbing himself with lip balm. And doing all sorts of "sexual movements". This piece struck me the most because he made it look like sex was an entertainment for him. But he also wore a mask, so it confuses the audience to wherever or not he enjoyed the sexual experience.
When i watched the silent video, I felt very nervous and disgusted. I think Paul was trying to tell us as the audience why he decided to make a sexual video for us to watch. And to make us feel disgusted.
I felt that he was trying to tell us how he was treated in the past and to also experience the video in more dept. By investigating more of the clip to make us feel sickening as well as discussing different view points about the video.


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