Sunday, 28 September 2008

What does the word Capture mean? *Hmm 8-)

Here is an example I print screen from my computer of a event that was organised on facebook
apture. . ?
(Capture can mean anything and can used in many different ways)

This can be:
- Photography - Webcam - Camera - Phones - Past, Present & Future - Memories
- Video Recording - Documentary

- Diary - Journalism ; Dates - Memories ; Organiser ;
Events ; Birthdays - Myspace ; Facebook (Internet acess) - Phone calls or Text
- Drawing ; Painting -
Observing ; Rough Sketches ;
- Collecting ;
Leaflets ; Souveneirs

Real - Audio interviews, imagining Capturing - getting / grabbing information
Giorgio de Chirico - The disquieting Muses

This is my favourite art piece from Giorgio de Chirico, what captured me the most about this art work is that its very unusual. The objects that has a shadow in them makes the whole art piece stand out my first impression for this piece is that it reminds me of people. Giorgio creatively use these objects to create people and persons. The object that has a oval shape at the top of the head looks like a man - with pride. And the object that is sitting down looks like a lady afraid of the man.
I did my own copy of this drawing by using pen.

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