Thursday, 16 October 2008

Journey to Bermondsey..Continues

Last week, I and the creative media group took another visit around Bermondsey.Before we set off, we had to create different backgrounds using different medias.
We then took some papers to do some rubbings around the area.
Today, in our creative media lesson, we had to stick our drawings and rubbings on A1 sugar paper and made an abstract that looks like the Boyle family.
When we finished, we drew our map on top of the abstract to symbolised our journey of our walk.

Boyle family

- Best known work is the "Surface of the Earth" begun in 1964
- Worked with Artists, Perfomers, Musicians, Film makers and dances
- Their aim was to continue to make art that does not include potential subject: earth, fire air animals, vegetables, Minerals, insects, reptiles, human beings.
- Media they have worked in : perfomances and events, films and projections, sound recordings photography, electron - Microphotography, drawing, assermblage, painting, sculpture and installation

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