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Skills Rotation

Skills Rotation
This is my chosen image I decided to choose to recapture in Jacob’s Ireland to develop, and improve by exploring camera and compositional techniques.
I chose this image because I would be able to take a lot of shots of the foreground, mid-ground and a background. It has a large dept of field where I can either make the background or foreground in focus. Or just focus on a specific subject. What I like about th
is image is that the image is divided in to 2 sections. Just by looking at one shot, us
as audiences can clearly see the colour and tone used in image. The colour and tone represents 2 different worlds. The Tower Bridge is there for people like us to look at and capture stuff about London whilst below it, it’s all dirty and full of sewages. People would comment and say that is not London at all. I decided to retake the image because it looks to simple, when you look at the image it’s like just looking at a landscape. I want to improve this by comparing my final outcome with other photographers that I chose to research on.

Images from professional photographers:
Jessica Backhaus Taken in 2001-2004
I chose this image because I was planning to use a narrow dept of field to take my final outcome. I had an idea of focusing on a specific subject that the audiences would like to focus on when they come to London like the Tower Bridge. I also wanted to have a foreground, mid-ground and a background for my image so my main subject it’s not just the Tower Bridge but the atmosphere around it. By comparing my idea to the photogra
pher the photographer makes the background over expose and in focus, at the same time she blurs it to make it as though the image is disappearing into the disdistance. Shirley Baker
This image captured me because of the way that it’s taking. The fog from the image make it look as though the photographer over exposed th
e image. By looking at the contrast of the tones used in this picture, the photographer darkens the images of the boys. But she doesn’t want the boys to be the main subject she cleverly took the picture by also making the background as his main subject as well. This image then helped me to explore more on how to take my final outcome. Because of this image I had an idea of using contrast to take my picture; I wanted to create a darker tone on the main subject because I cleverly wanted to over expose the background to make that as the main subject as well.
Angus Boulton
The reason why I chose this image from this famous photographer is because of the colours that have been used to create the mood of the picture. It has a variety of Primary and a Secondary colour that’s making the image look interesting and not dull. What I also notice about this interesting image is that the photographer manages to capture the moment of the reflection coming from the window and you can see the light coming across the room when it reflects. That then gave me an idea of using reflection to capture my final outcome. Because I chose an image based on a landscape in the river bank, I plan to focus on the boats by the river and use a wide angle to zoom in to the windows and capture the reflection of it to the river. Then I would be able to darken out the whole landscape of the atmosphere and use a variety of primary and secondary colours and only capture the windows reflecting to the river.

Final Outocmes
This is one of my final outcomes I took to improve and d
evelop, from my previous image in Jacobs Island. This was taken successfully because I was able create and capture a narrow dept of field of a plant and made the background in focus. What’s so interesting about this image is that if you step back, you can see the Tower Bridge clearly but if you look closely then the whole image is blurred. When I took this image I had difficulties trying to be accurate with the shutter speed and aperture and also getting the angle right.

This is another one of my final outcomes I took for improvement; I wasn’t able to use some of the methods I was going to use to compare with other photographers. But I managed to capture a small dept of field of the river and the plant and also create contrast of the tone and colour. I made the main subject to be unfocused and the background to be focused. I also was able to capture the movement of the tide approaching. What was unsuccessful about taking this picture was that I got confused with the dept of fields
and controlling the aperture and the shutter speed.

This was one of my accidental photo I captured for improvements, not only it was accidental but it turned out very successful you can notice some lights coming out from the background but the whole image is blurred in general. The contrast and colour makes the image look hollow and dark. And the background of the Tower Bridge looks as though it has been motioned blurred. I haven’t spotted any problems about this photo because I was able to have a play around with the shutter speed and aperture.

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