Saturday, 24 January 2009


Brief - All documents to produce things for clients, it is also a route plan, everything you need to know to produce the product for the client

( Advertising, Websites, Posters, Leaflets)

Contents of the Brief -
- Target audience - who are we talking too?
- Background information
- Media pgroduct details - length of ad, size of posters
- Message - What do we need to say to this audiences

Key Parts
Who are we talking to?
What are we saying to them?

Why do we need to understand the values of the target audience - To decide what style to use : tone
Why do you need to know their lifestyle

How does this effect the style and tone of your film?
Why do we need to understand the values of beliefs of the target audience?
To decide that style, tone, language to use to relate to your audience

Why do you need to know their lifestyle?
Need to show that they understand their lifestyle what do they do with their time.

How will these effect the style and tone of your film?
The film will appeal to them on their level.

Example of a film for a organisation or campaign:

Set in youngsters room - with 5-8 locals residents of different ag groups graffiting on their wall but the spray coming out of the can reflects stuff from local residents age from local residents age group ( ie things they like)

- Bedroom , music, justice, stereotype, clothes, technology, territory, identity, peer pressure, being cool, smokinf.

- Spraying vomit on the wall
- Vomit represents the baby

Mum/ Old person
- Floral Wallpaper
- Taking over their space/ property

mums can use a spray can and spray air refresheners - get rid of the smell, get rid of the comfort zone.

This campaign is to say to youngsters would it be nice if someone tortues your own property?

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