Saturday, 24 January 2009

Tate Modern 15/1/09

Me and the creative group went to the V&A and looked at paintings that related to organisations and campaigns. The first painting we looked at were Ellen Gallaghers work.

This is an image of a pirate, having weird thoughts coming out from the bubble background, Ellen Gallagher was inspired by the "Slave Trade" so she chose to draw this image that reminded her of the trade.
Slave trade started in the 16th - 17th century, where many african slaves was transported from West Africa and Central Africa to Brazil. Also many slaves was kidnapped by the Europeans and States and was taken to be sold to rich owners.
Many families got separated, even children under 5 years had to work and to be slaved at their owners home.
When i saw this image, i thought it was quite disturbing to look at. When i read the caption of the painting i was really interested that this was related to Slave Trade. The image of the pirate reminds me of the Owner and the one who started the slave trade ,the lines in the side foreground reminds me of the map on how all the slaves got transported from one country to the other.

This is the 2nd image me and the group had to sketch and it is an image of a woman crying, her tear dropping fallen, inside the tear drop their is an image of a london teenage "Stephen Lawrence". This image is suppose to be a remembrance of him , he was murdered in the past because of racism.
Caption : " In each of the tears shed by the woman in the painting is a collaged image of Stephen Lawrence;s face while the word's R.I.P Stephen Lawrence are just discernible beneath the layers of paint".

This was the 3rd piece we looked at, it is a installation collarge piece of used soap stacked up together in one line. MiroSlaw Balka was the one who created this idea because she wants to tell the audience about people not thinking clear enough. Although, soap is clean and it makes you look fresh after bath the cureator is trying to commununicate to the audience that soup that be dirty aswell because its used by alot of human beings. When i first saw this piece i didnt realised that it was a stack of soaps, because of it was attached together it looked like a string of sweets in a distance.

This is the 4th piece we looked at of a storage box, at first i didnt have a clue why the cureator did this piece but when i red the caption i understood what the box symbolises. It was for those illegal imigrants that got transported from one country to the other.

This is the 5th piece I looked at it is an image of a womans body in a globe, when i saw this image it reminded me of Religion and Wealth.
For Religion : this reminds me of Christianity, the globe symbolises men whilst the woman represents the earth. God created men first therefore they more powerful than woman.
For Wealth : the woman thats inside the globe has a body full of colour and the other half black and white. This reminds me of Wealth because of Poverty, this piece is trying to tell the audience that int this world there is no such thing as rich but poor itself some part of the countries have no homes and are living in poverty.

This was the last piece i looked at whilst i was at Tate modern, when i first saw this piece i didnt know what it was because it was covered with twigs and bushes of leaves was coming out of the image. Then i noticed a man holding his arm up behind the twigs, i made a quick sketch and wrote down the caption. It was suppose to be a chinese man having a freedom of speech, this piece also reminded me of the chinese president it is because of the way hes standing and looking for pride.

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