Tuesday, 11 November 2008

What is Marketing - 4th November

Last tuesday, i and the creative media class attended a marketing event in Southwark townhall. We participated with the marketing team and tried to contribute in class. In general, i thought it was boring, i wasnt really inspired or interested with the whole marketing unit. The presentation from the beginning made me felt lost. I was confused from the start, i didnt understand the lady that was presenting the powerpoint because of her "formal talk, accent and also bad presentational skills." Whats more suprising is that they pick us to answer questions we dont understand and they even picked me first -.-" I then felt i was part of the team when we had to do pratical work and how to organise events. - And to be creative. but overall, it was really boring, some of the words they use is to hard to understand. and towards the end, i understand abit of the marketing but not alot

- I enjoyed the food :)

- Inny x

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